About Us

We love mushrooms, and they're just the beginning. Fungi can recycle waste into almost anything. We're harnessing them to produce food, biochemicals, animal feed, enzymes, and more.


The team behind Hedgehog has built robotic hands for the Mars rover, launched products that created new categories, and grown a lot of mushrooms.


Jamie Balsillie

Founded Indigo Carbon, Stanford MBA, ex-McKinsey


Dr. Wilson Ruotolo

Stanford PhD, build end-effectors for autonomous subs and Mars Rover

Head of Commercial

Laura D’Asaro

Founded Chirps; Shark Tank cricket protein company, 2x world record holder

Founding Engineer

Mike King

ex-Tesla engineer, Stanford Master's in Mechanical Engineering



Is a dog


We create technology that discovers what fungi want. Hedgehog’s AI + proprietary bioreactors find optimal conditions for any fungi, unlocking products that were previously impossible.

Hedgehog mushroom incubator oven mockup