Unleashing fungi as our next major food source

Hedgehog builds robotic fungi farms.

Cow representing animal food kingdom
Clamshell mushrooms representing fungi food kingdom
Corn representing vegetable food kingdom

Why fungi?


Known for their meaty umami flavor and diverse culinary potential.


Rich, low calorie source of fiber, protein, and antioxidants


Lowest CO2/kg emissions of any meat, grain, or produce.

What we do

Hedgehog produces fungi precisely and efficiently. We're automating away labor, optimizing grow conditions, and integrating sensors and controls throughout. First, we're growing gourmet mushrooms for significantly lower cost.


The Hedgehog founders met at Stanford and combined their passions for agriculture and robotics.

Jamie Balsillie
Co-Founder & CEO
Stanford MBA

Founded Indigo Carbon, the largest agriculture carbon credit platform. Helped scale Indigo Agriculture $0 to $250m as GM of two business units.

Dr. Wilson Ruotolo
Co-Founder & CTO
Stanford Robotics PhD

Collaborated with NASA on end-effectors for martian exploration. Prototypes have been used to retrieve artifacts from Mediterranean seafloor.

Robotics Engineer
Any education

We're looking for a badass robotics engineer to jump on this rocket ship! If you're passionate about our mission, get in touch below.

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